Did You Know that Every Single Believer has a Leadership Call on His/Her Life?

That is a Biblical Fact. 

Nevertheless, many fail to respond favorably to this Kingly call to lead. A large percentage of believers have little problem grasping the SERVANT part of Servant-Leadership, but fail to embrace and grow their LEADERSHIP ability. 


The Kingdom Leadership Series addresses the urgent call for Kingdom leaders (like you) to rise up and take back territory from the Enemy, by learning how to exert more godly influence in their family, church, community, and even country!

Increase Your Awareness

Kingdom Leadership awareness begins with a keen understanding of your own Kingdom identity. The only way you will embrace your responsibility as a Kingdom Leader is through an understanding of who God made you to be - and through the belief that you must act on it. This course will help you do just that.

Spread Your Influence

The Kingdom of God is alive in you! And through you, it spreads its influence in the earth realm, and in the lives of others; whether you're conscious of it or not! Our course will help you to spread the Kingdom's influence intentionally and consciously in the lives of those around you.

Empower Others

The mark of a leader is measured by how much value he adds to others during his life on earth. We often use the word ministry in church vernacular. Well, ministry simply means service. Believers are called to serve God, and to serve others. This is the true essence of Kingdom Leadership... and it can be improved!

Meet Your Teachers:

Sebastien Richard grew up in Montreal, Canada.

He is an author, Bible teacher, and the founder of Thriving on Purpose. Sebastien is also a certified leadership expert through The John Maxwell Team.

He was brought up in a poor, broken, and unstable household. This unique seasoning provided the perfect foundation for a surrendered life when he had a powerful encounter with the Lord Jesus and became born-again at the age of nine.

 At age 45, he embraced his full-time ministry call and hit the ground running for God.

A true renaissance man, Sebastien’s unique blend of depth, curiosity, spiritual gifts, personality, and experiences has moulded him into a gifted, versatile, knowledgeable, relatable, and compassionate teacher of the Word of God.

He possesses an undeniable scribe anointing and is considered by many to be a powerful prophetic teacher. He loves to write books that bring forth new concepts, or that revisit old ones by bringing forward new and/or unexplored truths. He is unafraid to tackle fringe theories, and thus he is proving to be an engaging thought-leader for this generation.

Elisabeth Richard grew up in Laval, Canada.

She is a John Maxwell Team coach and a graduate of Word of Life Bible School.

She is also a certified leadership coach, and possesses a strong anointing as a Kingdompreneur. As the head of Marketing, Media, and Merch for Thriving on Purpose, she provides the ministry with invaluable relevancy in today's marketplace.

She has a heart for faith-based entrepreneurs, leaders, and believers with vision. Elisabeth’s passion is as a creative entrepreneur. She is the graphic designer behind all the apparel, digital products and mug designs in the Thriving on Purpose store. She also possesses an uncanny knowledge of marketing and uses it wisely to bless the body of Christ.

 Although a Bible college graduate, she became dissatisfied with many aspects of religion at a young age, and always desired more from God. She finally found her place when she became acquainted with the prophetic within the Kingdom of God. Since then, she has become a powerful intercessor and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.